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This is the OFFICIAL website of the Don Alberto Olarte family.


The Olartes are a multi-faceted community. The family derives from the settlement of two brother in the Philippines in the early part of the 20th century. There are stories on the internet about the two brothers (Alberto and Jose), but accounts of their activities and interests do tend to vary. Essentially, they came to the Philippines to escape the Franco regime in Spain. This was a troubled time in Europe with some nations leaning far to the right and seeing extremists come to power. Spain became a dangerous place to live, and so the Olarte brothers decided to emigrate.

History does tell us that they invested in land in the Philippines, and formed a company which is still known today as 'Olarte Hermanos y Cia'. However, due to dubious activities in the 1930s, the Olartes (and their partners) lost their land due to fraudulent transactions.

A long period of time passed before the Olartes were given back their land in a landmark ruling in the 1980s. But at least this is how it was supposed to be. Due to the continuation of 'nefarious' activities, the Land Title never reached the true descendants of Alberto Olarte (the only recognised remaining corporation member). An 'outsider' who married into the family held the Land Title back from it's rightful owners and made numerous fraudulent attempts in the decades since to swindle the family out of it's rightful ownership of the land.

A lot of ill-feeling has ensued. The individual who withheld the Land Title from the family is now subject to a legal action revolving around the accusation of estafa. But due to widespread corruption, and powerful vested interests, the land is still in 'limbo'. The new, reconstituted Land Title is still not with the family.

This long-running dispute, which has been subjected to extensive corruption reaching from Mindanao to Manila, will be resolved this year. That is assuming that the new President is a man of his word and helps the family to get back what is rightfully theirs.

A further aspect of this matter is the creation of 1,000s of fake Land Titles drawn up by the criminals who have abused the Olarte's original Land Title over many recent decades. Again, we expect the new President to bring to account all of the criminals who have profited from this abuse - and cause them to be regretful of ever hoping to achieve immunity.

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